Our staff at Fields Volvo Cars of Daytona Beach make it their primary goal to provide the best dealership experience possible. Being a leading Volvo dealership, we are always excited to share auto advice with our customers, and to us, information regarding motor oil maintenance tops out as knowledge each one of our customers should know about.

What is motor oil used for? Well, motor oil is a lubricant that reduces the amount of friction exerted by your engine and its various components. When running, engine parts are constantly moving to push your vehicle forward. That said, all these movements have their consequences. Without a lubricant like oil, these intricate components start to rub against one another, instead of with one another. This leads to increased friction, then overheating, and in some cases, total engine failure. In long-term instances, your engine could be forced to shut down entirely, resulting in some fairly bank-breaking repairs. Unfortunately, motor oil doesn’t hold up over an extended period, which is why it’s important for routine oil changes.

So, how do you avoid these long-term consequences? Any car care expert will tell you that receiving a regular oil change dramatically shifts the long-term quality of your vehicle and your short-term ride. Each vehicle is different, however, we recommend drivers have their motor oil changed roughly once every 5,000 miles or six months. We also recommend that drivers seek our guidance and maintenance assistance from a technical expert that they trust.

At Fields Volvo Cars of Daytona Beach, we host a fully equipped Volvo service center, where our staff of car care experts can ensure your motor oil is at an optimal level. Car maintenance can be overwhelming, but with our help, regular upkeep is simple and convenient.