At Fields Volvo Cars of Daytona Beach, we constantly marvel at the Volvo brand’s ability to conceive, design, and engineer some of the world’s finest luxury vehicles, year after year. And we’re equally impressed with the brand’s vision for the auto industry’s future.

Announced just the other day, the Volvo 360c concept is the latest insight provided by Volvo Cars into the company’s ideas for a new era of automotive progress. There are a few facets to the concept, but the core focus is on how the Volvo 360c could be a major disruptor to “short-haul air travel”: that is, air travel between cities that are within roughly 200 miles of each other, i.e. Miami/Orlando and San Diego/Los Angeles.

The Volvo 360c model’s disruption potential stems from the fact that the concept is built around a 100-percent electric, fully autonomous, self-driving car. With no need for a gas engine or a steering wheel, the concept’s interior would support a more open seating concept, one that moves away from traditional rows.

Instead, the car’s cabin could support multiple themes: a mobile office, sleeping environment, living room. When the means to develop such a concept are realized, and the technology exists to create a door-to-door travel experience, an individual or a family could conceivably avoid everything negative about air travel (security, long lines, cramped seating) and instead make a relatively short journey in the comfort of the Volvo 360c concept.

This multipurpose, futuristic conveyance could also impact how the cities and roads of the future are designed, as well as offer significant environmental benefit. Such theories are a ways off, but they’re certainly fun to think about in-between test driving the great Volvo vehicles of today – like the Volvo S60 and a Volvo XC60 near Deland, FL!