One of the biggest factors when it comes to car shopping is financing your new vehicle. After all, if a vehicle doesn’t work for your budget, it’s not going to work for you. But, there’s more than just the cost to consider. You also need to decide if you’re interested in buying or leasing.

Benefits of Buying

If you are looking to buy any of our new Volvo vehicles, it helps to determine your long-term plans. Do you want to enjoy the vehicle for years to come? Are you excited at the thought of living without a car payment one day? Then buying may be for you.

It’s also beneficial to own your car if you ever plan on customizing it or if you plan to do a lot of driving. There are limitations when it comes to leasing, so you need to consider your total investment and if the monthly payment works for you.

Also, keep in mind your existing vehicle’s trade-in value. It can make a big difference in your total investment, which could be another bonus to buying a car. You’ll have equity to put towards your next purchase.

Benefits of Leasing

Looking for a more affordable monthly payment? When you lease a vehicle, you are only paying a portion of the car’s value during your time of ownership. That often gives you a much more affordable payment. Plus, if you need service or maintenance on your vehicle, you can simply bring it into our dealership and we’ll help get you taken care of.

Leasing is also a great option for people looking to drive one of the newest vehicles on the lot. The trade-in process at the end of your term (if you choose) is seamless.

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