Here at Fields Volvo Cars of Daytona Beach, we are known to host some of the best local car dealers along the Palm Coast. That said, we have also earned a reputation for providing our drivers with expert advice regarding one of the most important components in your car; your tires.

What should you look for in a great set of tires? Well, there are a lot of factors at play when purchasing tires. Apart from the measurements and sizing, there is a range of characteristics that can dramatically affect the nature and performance of a tire.

One of these ever-important factors is the load index of your tire. The load index is the amount of weight that your tire can endure on a long-term basis. If you purchase a tire with a subpar load index for your vehicle, you can run a higher risk of a blowout and can find yourself stuck on the side of the road looking for roadside assistance. So, if you’re driving a particularly heavy vehicle, or haul hefty cargo, we suggest high load index tires.

Another factor to consider is the speed rating of your tires. The speed rating is simply the amount of friction caused heat that your tires can sustain over long periods of time. These are the kind of tires designed specifically for performance, and won’t quit out on you during speedy drives or on dramatic turns. If you’re looking to push your vehicle to the limit, we suggest that you purchase tires with a high-speed rating.

If you have any more questions regarding tires, and what to look for, the tire experts in our Volvo parts center serving Palm Coast, FL are happy to help. They’ll answer any questions you may have, and send you off from our dealership with the perfect set. No matter what tires fit your drive style and car, our team at Fields Volvo Cars of Daytona Beach can help you find the right fit.