What do a Volvo XC90, Volvo V90 Cross Country, and Volvo S90 near Daytona, FL all have in common? Aside from exemplary performance, comfort, and safety, these luxurious class-leaders rely on the same internal fluids to facilitate their daily excellence.

Motor oil: Every Volvo owner knows that motor oil is an integral component of Service by Volvo, but some folks may be in the dark regarding just how motor oil benefits a car. The truth is, every world-class Volvo engine is made up of numerous moving parts, each working in unison to deliver outstanding power, torque, and efficiency. All of these parts generate a lot of heat, which creates friction. Motor oil minimizes this friction by lubricating the engine’s many parts, preventing it from overheating.

Coolant: While we’re on the subject of heat, a 50/50 mixture of radiator coolant and water is another essential ingredient for keeping your Volvo car’s engine from getting too hot. Coolant cycles around a running engine, collects heat, and returns it to the radiator, where it’s dispersed into the outside air.

Wiper fluid: Many drivers take wiper fluid for granted – but only until they’re caught without it while driving on a muddy road. Don’t let the ease of wiper fluid replacement make you complacent: keep your reservoir topped off so that you always have a means to a clear windshield in a pinch.

Transmission fluid: When you want local Volvo service and you search online for “car dealers near me”, you’ll find our nearby Volvo dealership. And one of the many things our service team does is check your transmission fluid, which similar to motor oil, keeps all your transmission’s components well-lubricated so that shifts are a breeze.

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