No matter how long you’ve owned one of our new Volvo vehicles, you’ve probably been reminded at some point to visit us for an oil change. After all, we stress routine maintenance to all of our luxury car owners from the day they drive off the lot. However, when life gets hectic, it’s easy to push off an oil change. But this is one visit you don’t want to skip.

Admit it; whether you’re driving in a sleek crossover like the Volvo S60 or testing the capability of the Volvo XC40, you’re spending a lot of time behind the wheel. It’s hard not to love driving these premium vehicles, but the more you drive, the more crucial regular oil changes become.

Friction comes with a lot of moving parts under your hood. Engine oil helps to lubricate those parts, helping to reduce the friction and absorb the excess heat. However, over time, even engine oil can wear down. When this happens, it’s less effective, which is what can cause your engine to overheat and even result in engine failure.

There are a few less obvious benefits as well. With proper oil changes, your car is working more efficiently. An efficient vehicle requires less work, which translates to better gas mileage. We all know Volvo vehicles are already pretty fuel-efficient, but this is just an added perk.

The proper timeline for oil changes at Fields Volvo Cars of Daytona Beach varies depending on your vehicle, its age, and the amount of driving you’re doing. To make sure that your vehicle is getting the maintenance it needs, visit our Volvo service center near Port Orange, FL. Our trained service technicians will make sure your Volvo vehicle is always working good as new.