We pride ourselves on having an extensive selection of sleek, quality new Volvo vehicles near Port Orange, FL. However, even the best vehicles are bound to endure wear over time. When your parts have become compromised, it’s important to replace them with OEM parts. That’s why we recommend everyone visit Fields Volvo Cars of Daytona Beach for genuine OEM parts.

Original Equipment Manufacturer parts, also known as OEM parts, are genuine Volvo parts. These parts are made specifically for your Volvo vehicle, by the expert Volvo manufacturers. There are lots of advantages to purchasing OEM parts, rather than aftermarket parts.

  • Reliable: Genuine Volvo parts are more reliable because they have better quality and are built to have a longer lifespan. But, you also get the added security of knowing it was installed by a professional team and done correctly.
  • Peace of Mind: These parts aren’t just made with better quality, you can also count on them to stay that way. If anything should go wrong, they are backed with a warranty to easily have it fixed or replaced.
  • Made for You: You know the perk of having something custom made? That’s the same kind of benefit you get when ordering OEM parts. They are exactly what you need. They’ll be the right size and function exactly as they should because they were made for your vehicle.

When you’re in need of replacement parts for your Volvo vehicle don’t rely on a quick online search. Visit our Volvo service center for quality parts – and care – you can trust. Not sure what you need? Or even if you need anything at all? Come see us! We’re happy to help!